Parish Services Live Streamed

We will be making an effort to live stream the services of the Church during this time of "closed services" due to the corono virus pandemic. You can now view the live streamed servcies on our web site by clicking here.

You will still be able to see them on the Church Facebook page at:

St. John's Facebook Page

While there, please "like" or "follow" the page and be sure to turn notifications on so that you are alerted to new posts. Here are a few tips for watching the services:

1) Set your phone or laptop in your prayer corner. If you have a desktop computer, you can transform that space into a prayer corner with an icon and candle
2) Gather all the people in the house together so you are all watching from one device.
3) If you have candles, light them and stand in prayer as if you were in church.
4) Dress as though you were in church. Prepare the same way you would for coming to services at church It is really helpful to dedicate this time and set aside all other distractions.
5) After the services, commune together with one another (eating together, having a discussion, or something that leads to unity and fellowship together.
I look forward to praying with you, even if from a distance. God is with us!