Nativity Prayer Fast Challenge 2019

His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory, has once again issued a Prayer Fast Challege for the Nativity Fast:

"As we once again enter the Season of the Nativity Fast, I ask you, actually I plead with
you, the good faithful people of our Diocese, to join me on a journey to meet the new born King.
During these 40 days leading to the Nativity of our Lord let us increase our efforts in church
attendance, in prayer, in fasting, in scriptural reading, in almsgiving, in repentance and
confession, in receiving the Eucharist.
This year, just like the last four years, I am challenging everyone, clergy and laity, to
offer a special prayer for peace and stillness during evening prayers. During the Litany of
Fervent Supplication at each Divine Liturgy a special petition is also to be included. The text of
these prayers will be provided to the Clergy for distribution. Each household should have
sufficient copies so that young people who can read have one by their bed to use nightly and
those who are too young to read may say the prayer with their parents before they go to bed. Of
course, all the adults should also participate."

Printed prayer cards are available in the Church and the prayer is printed below. Please be a part of this important and worthwhile effort during this Nativity Fast!